Human organ transplantation system

We represent human organ transport and storing kits that are use in all the Nordic
transplantation centers. The human organ transplantation systems are sold as kits and sepeterately
if needed. Please as for additional information on other products: info(@)

Most commonly used product codes:
  • H-112 Big Container. One box contains 12 items. The innter transparent
    contaner is used for kidney storage.
  • H-324 Small container. One box contains 24 items. These containers are made
    for transportation and storage of the iliaca artery and vein.
  • H-103 Transport case for 1 kidney and 1 vessel container. One box contains 3 items.
    The colling transportation box is made up of 40 mm expanded polystyrene will specially designed compartment
    for one kidney with one vessel container.
  • P-4 Pancrease container kit. One box contains 6 items. The containers is used for
    lying the pancreas after explantation.