VeinViewer® Vision

Innovative Vein Viewer® Vision vascular access now in Finland! VeinViewer® Vision uses
harmless near-infrared (NIR) light which is flooded down on to the patient's skin surface.
The hemoglobin in the blood adsorbs this NIR which allows VV to "see through the skin"
viewing veins, bifurcations, valves, etc.

ASSESSTM imaging suite:

  • Universal (ideal for most patients)
  • Fine detail (increases the contrast of the image to enhance smaller vessels; optimal for
    children and patients with smaller vasculature)
  • Inverse (inverts the colors within the image field to produce green veins on a dark background)
  • Re-Size (adjusts the image to 3 different sizes)

  • Increases patient satisfaction: reduce's number of sticks
  • Non-invasive
  • Allows hands-free technique
  • Reduce's costs
  • Operates via li-ion battery, and can be used up to 2,5 - 3 hours